Play music together live, even if you’re miles apart.


Play Music

Connect with your band from wherever you are, play together like you’re in the same room.

5G Enabled

Built for today, ready for the future. The power of 5G will take your Aloha experience to the next level.

Record Songs

Capture each session – full mix, HD stems or complete video performance.

Dedicated Hardware

A complete system of hardware and software for a lag free live experience over the internet.

Live Share

Live stream your performance directly to fans and followers with the click of a button.

Elk Audio OS

Fastest Audio Operating System in the business, roundtrip latency performances down to 1 ms.

in perfect

Aloha is built on cutting edge technology with the simple aim to change the everyday lives of musicians. Playing music together from different locations in perfect sync is no longer the future, it is possible today.

“Ikiz and I are sitting 670 km (416 miles) away from each other. And still, we can play at the same time with no latency at all.”
-Nils Landgren

Done in collaboration with
Yamaha Music | Band and Orchestra
Watch the full performance here

Nils Landgren & Robert Ikiz Jam Session | Band and Orchestra | Yamaha Music

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Frequently asked questions

Elk Audio OS is actually the technology that makes Aloha work. 

It’s an award winning ultra low latency audio operating system that is developed from the ground up to deliver real-time audio performances in embedded systems, like the Aloha hardware interfaces. 

And Aloha is only one of many cool things Elk can be used for.

Together with Steinberg, official Elk Audio OS endorsers, we built an Elk powered desktop version of the Retrologue VST synth that was on display in the Yamaha booth at Superbooth 2019. 

We also used Elk to build a custom synth guitar for Matt Bellamy from MUSE. With it, he can actually run VST instruments in the actual guitar. Matt used the guitar every night, loaded with the Arturia Prophet V and Fishman Midi pickups, for the full Simulation Theory World Tour. 

The story on how the guitar came together is actually almost as interesting as the guitar itself. Go here for the full story.

Yes and no! 

What you see today, in terms of features and artist collaborations is all done on existing fiber networks. 

The first commercial launch next year will also be for standard internet connections. So Aloha is not an exclusive 5G solution. 

But, once 5G is widely available the Aloha experience will be even greater! 

For instance, with 5G your Aloha experience will be wireless, unlike now where you need to be connected to your router by cable. That means you could jam with your friends from the beach (if that is your thing…)

5G will also give you unlimited processing power from the simplest device anywhere, giving you access to the most powerful real time tools and effects that today is only available in the studio.

So Aloha is great today, but will be even greater once on 5G.

The faster the better of course, but Aloha has been developed with normal cable internet connections in mind. You do however need to have a land connection. Mobile internet connections are just not fast enough to be used at this point. 

You will also need access to your internet router, to connect your Aloha interface by ethernet cable. Wifi is unfortunately not fast enough. You can however use wifi for the device (computer, tablet or smartphone) where you are running the Aloha app as long as it is on the same network as the interface.

We guarantee that the Aloha interface only adds 1 ms to your audio signal when being sent, and 1 ms once received by your band-mate. This creates maximum space for your network and signal to deliver a true real-time experience. 

But keeping the latency low is only part of the process. Making sure that whatever latency still there is at a stable level is just as important. Your ears will adapt to stable latency, but not to fluctuations.

Therefore,  your audio signal must go  through the Aloha interface, and not the computer. Our dedicated hardware ensures that the stability of your “real-time” performance remains top priority.

Yes and no. You could still use the video function and some of the other tools, but you would lose the  true real-time experience. The Aloha interface is necessary to achieve a stable and true real-time performance from your system.

Right now, Aloha is in its Beta phase. This  means  our system is up and running and being tested to iron out any remaining small bugs which could hinder a totally smooth experience. The current online content is all created by our beta testers. 

The commercial release is set for fall of 2021. If you want to be kept updated, please sign up for our newsletter.

Glad you asked! Almost half a century ago, Elvis and NBC teamed up to use breakthrough satellite technology to let people hear Elvis live across the globe. Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite was the name of the concert and recording, performed January 14, 1973.


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