Aloha by Elk | Hattie Webb & Andrea Resce | Hallelujah

About Hattie Webb Hattie and her sister Charley, The Webb Sisters, toured with Leonard Cohen in his band playing to over 4 million people between 2008 and 2013. The Webb Sisters have also collaborated with Sting, Damien Rice, The Lumineers and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on their 40th anniversary tour. Their self penned song ‘Baroque Thoughts’ won The International Music Award for ‘Best Adult Contemporary Song’. Hattie’s first solo album ‘To The Bone’ was released in 2017, her second album ‘Wild Medicine’ is coming soon.

“A pilgrim, deeply committed and highly trained, on her own path to perfection. Flawless, uplifting, and utterly original” – Leonard Cohen

About Andrea Resce Andrea’s roots lie in his love of jazz & rock, merging with the traditional world of southern Italy and his classical double bass studies. Andrea is a member of dynamic trio ‘Alfabeto Runico’ with longtime collaborators Marta dell’Anno (violin/viola/voice) and Nicola Scagliozzi (double bass). In 2018 they released their highly acclaimed self-titled first album in collaboration with Wild Rat Film and Apogeo Records.

“Incredibly original and impressive, 5 stars” Songlines Magazine